Pain after Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a bbl almost 4 months ago. Never had much pain. But, I started hurting a couple of days ago. Just on my right cheek. When I'm sitting it feels like I'm aways sitting on a hard surface. But I'm not. It doesn't feel hard to touch though. I hope that makes sense?

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Pain after BBl

You  might be experiencing fat necrosis in the particular area that is bothersome. Best to speak with your surgeon.

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Post op BBL

Hi and thanks for the question. You need to have an examination to make sure that there is no problem with the fat and no fluid collection. Best of Luck- Dr Hardy

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Contact your doctor

I dont think its really a compilcation after so many months. Relax, call your Doctor and inform on whats going on. Maybe  he is going to check on you.

good luck.

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BBL Pain

Excellent Question!

Very common question in the office.  Sensation changes usually start around second week after surgery and persist up to 8 months.   Causes of unusual sensations of burning, itching, vibration, pressure change, temperature changes, ants crawling, and electrical shockes are common.  Most common causes are pressure placed upon the sensory nerves from edema, swelling, altered sitting and sleeping positions, garment compression, and subcutaneous fluid fluctuations.

Would recommend follow up with your plastic surgeon.

I wish you well through your recovery,
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