Tummy tuck incision not healed at 4 weeks post op (Photo)

So I posted a question last week about my left hip incision not healing. A week later it is still not better. It hurts so bad still and feels raw, like tissue is poking out and raw. My ps said last week it was healing and is infection free. I am glad for that, but why is it hurting and not healing? I feel like it should be healed by now...the other parts of my incision are closed and look great. Any advice? I feel so frustrated.

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Wound healing

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It can be a slow process and I know its frustrating but it will eventually heal.  Talk to your surgeon, good luck, Jane. 

Tummy tuck incision not healed at 4 weeks post op

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hello dear, thanks for your post, and provided information and pictures as well. First, your surgeon needs to understand what is causing the problem.  Then it can be treated.  I really suggest to keep a closed comunication with your dr. about your case.

Good luck :)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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