Can I get tummy liposuction on a Friday and go back to work following Wednesday?

Good muscle tone, fit, but saggy due to Csection bikini cut..would like to get rid of the blob.

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Most patients are back to work in 2 days after liposuction.

Liposuction is such a great procedure and easy to undergo. Most patients are back to work in 2 days and back to the gym in 1 week.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction and back to work in 5 days

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

  • Depending on your work and the extent of liposuction, going back to work in 5 days may be reasonable.
  • Please be sure this is the right treatment -
  • Usually after a liposuction there is loose skin which also needs to be removed.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Life After Abdomen Liposuction

Hi cswbclub,
Thank you for your question.

With tumescent liposuction because you are awake during the procedure, our patients are up and walking same day. Depending on the number of areas, our patients are back to work within a few days. This is different from liposuction with general anesthesia where recovery can take up to a week or more.

I recommend you do an in person consultation to discuss treatment options and post operative care.

Best of luck with your procedure.

Jeffrey A. Klein, MD
San Juan Capistrano Dermatologic Surgeon
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

Traditional tumescent approaches can allow you just a small amount of recovery and downtime, however, with a hi definition approach you really need more downtime to remove swelling, wear compression and heal. I suggest you see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction and return to work

Yes, it is not unusual for patients to be able to return to a non-strenuous desk job 5 days after liposuction surgery.  Most patients are still sore but can manage their pain without taking narcotic pain medication at that point and are safe to drive.  I would advise no strenuous lifting and your work may have to accommodate that. 

See a plastic surgeon for a consult, however.  If it is skin excess that is to blame for the bulge and not fat, you are more likely to be a candidate for a tummy tuck and patients are typically off work for 2 weeks following that surgery.

Best of luck to you!

Jennifer Lauren Crawford, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Return to work after tummy likpo

If you have a desk job, and you are healing  normally, you should be able to return to work, as you ploan.  uyou should be wearing a girdle type compression garment, and preferably subbort hose.  Do not sit in the same position too lng.  Get up and walk a litle every hour.

If you do strenuous work and lifting, I woulod wait a full week before retyrning to work

Paul Silverstein, MD (retired)
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after liposuction

After liposuction surgery, I advise the patients to take one week off from work. You would need full time help with your children for that first week. At that point we take out the stitches and the patients may return to work, but may not engage in any strenuous activity. At one month, the patients start low impact cardio. At two months they can engage in more strenuous physical activity. The compression garment is worn for at least 6 weeks.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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