Right breast slightly red at almost 7 mos. Post op from prophylactic double mastectomy. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have had several complications in healing with right breast resulting in tissue loss from having to be re-stitched 4 times. I noticed 2 days ago my right breast and pectoral muscle felt achy like in over stretched it or something. Tonight I noticed it looked slightly red. Its not hot to the touch nor do I have a fever. I have been treated with antibiotics once, a couple months ago, since surgery on April 28th 2014. Is this something I need to worry about on a Saturday??? Thank you for your time!!

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Problems with breast reconstruction

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Redness and pain in a breast with an implant, especially in this setting of multiple previous problems, could be a sign of an implant infection.  Implant infection can be a very serious problem and can advance quickly. Therefore, it is most appropriate to contact your surgeon without delay, even though it is a Saturday.  

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