Had LFT Done on my Cheeks in 2006. I Hate Them: I'm a 56yr Old Male and They Were Overdone.

I have waited 5 yrs hoping my cheeks would diminish a little. As I get older my cheeks actually look worse or bigger to me. What is my best solution?

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Too much fat

Another option to physically removing the fat would be to use an injection to dissolve it. You need to be evaluated to determine your options.

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Over Done Fat Transfer

Dear Michel 56, Thank you for your question and photograph.  It is unusual to have excess fat stay permanently after grafting to the face, but unfortunately you have been left with too much of a good thing.  Sometimes transferred fat can be removed by a type of liposuction with a hand held syringe that takes fat in small amounts.  It might also be possible that an open surgery could remove it if the liposuction was not successful.  It would be important to see you in person to see where the fat is distributed and how the fat feels. 

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Unhappy with fat grafting

It would be helpful to look at your photos before fat grafting and compare to now.  It is possible that that you were over-corrected as is possible that you were not a good candidate for the procedure

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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