Best bra for lift with augment and best compression for waist post Lipo?

I had a breast lift with a 320 cc implant (38"x44" chest/breast size now) and abdominal Lipo. What is the best waist compression garment and a good bra to offer support both without irritating those stitches. My surgeon has me currently I one of those three band Velcro type generic waist compressors but I am finding my mons gets quite swollen as there is no compression there. And the area under my breast is getting quite irritated at night. Any guidance would be very much appreciated!

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Bra and compression garment

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Hi, thanks for your question.

A soft bra, like a sports bra is usually the best. The main thing is that you don't want an underwire or anything pushing up on the implants. 

For the abdomen, the binder you're describing can sometimes be irritating. I've found that when my patients put a t-shirt on under the binder, this often helps. You can try that, and talk with your surgeon about the possibility of using something similar to spanx or under armor for compression.

Best wishes in your recovery,

Dr. Blagg

Austin, TX

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