8 days POST OP with hernia repair, is my belly button normal? (photos)

I had my tummy tuck with a small amount of Lipo done 8 days ago. I also had an abdominal hernia repaired but mesh wasn't needed. My garmet had quite a bit of blood soak through it when I woke up yesterday and more this morning... Photos attached of what it's looking like. Is this normal? What can I expect as far as my belly button goes with healing? Thank you so much for your time!!

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Its ok..

Yes it looks normal, and you need to wait...We don't always use mesh either and that is ok too.  Some blood is also normal.  Give it more time and see your surgeon please.

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Thank you for your question and providing photos. Based on the photos provided it appears your belly button may have some blood flow decrease. This may heal without problems but it also may progress. I would recommend you follow up with your PS. Best of luck

Christopher J. Morea, MD
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8 days POST OP with hernia repair, is my belly button normal?

Thank you for your question and photographs and congratulations on your surgery.  It appears that your belly button is having some wound healing difficulties and I would recommend seeing your surgeon to discuss treatment options and wound care advice.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Check with your doctor

Best advise is to go and check with your doctor, your recoevery doesnt look normal but it doesnt look infected for further info about how you can manage this you need to let your doctor know. Good Luck!

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Belly button appearance 8 days after tummy tuck

Occasionally drainage can occur from the belly button area after an abdominoplasty. Most cases it is self limiting. Since you just had surgery 8 days, it would make a lot of sense to call and let your operating surgeon know what has happened. They are the ones who did the surgery and are best to understand what exactly is going on.The good news is that the area is not red and does not look infected. 

Ryan Hoffman, MD
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