Scheduled for full mouth extractions then 2 lower implants/upper conventional denture..but just read about mini implants??

Want to avoid having to wear a conventional denture for the top. Good bone structure and no grafting needed according to perio dr. Is it possible to get 2 standard implants on the lower and 4 MINI implants for the upper? OR..can I get all mini implants and if so what would the difference be in getting both upper and lower with MINI implants as far as stability, procedure and care? Can I go straight to the permanent fixed acrylic dentures with mini implants and avoid temporary ones? Thank you

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Mini implants

If you have good bone structure and height, why use mini implants?  The longer implants will result in better and stronger foundation.  These days we can use longer implants because of the improvement of skills in bone grafting procedures. 

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Mini implants for denture support

I do not recommend mini implants generally as they do not offer the same predictability and longevity of conventional dental implants. Mini implants are more appropriate for temporary hold of a denture or someone who has severe thinning of bone and does not want to undergo bone augmentation procedures and conventional implants. Of course there is no guarantee of how long mini implants work in this circumstances and patients should be aware of their limitations.

Placement of conventional implants, while more costly, offers the best option for long term success, denture stability, and happiness- and probably save money in long-term.

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Mini vs Standard Implants. Long Term is Key, younger you are the more important to consider length of service.

I would suggest doing mimi implants on the lower and standard implants on top.

If utilizing mini implants on the lower do a minimum of 4 and ideally place at 6.    Standard implants are more likely to give to a long term solution.  I Rx patients place 4 standard on the lower for a snap in denture on lower but two are sufficient but shoul wait to load them.

I usually place four on lower and do free 4 minis as immediate load while standard heal.  If I do two standard I will charge for immediate minis.  Tis give immediate load and long term stability and makes sure your preseve future options.

The upper is more likely to fail and I always suggest 4 standard implants on top.  If you want immediate looading you can still do minis.  With 4 standard I  would do 4 minis as  part of case for free.

If no mins wear conventional denture for 4-6 months before loading.

Minis offer immediate restoration but will probably need replacement over time.

Having said this I did have one elderly  patient who wanted fixed reconstruction over 20 years ago.  We placed 4 implants on lower and 6 on maxilla and then 4 minis lower 6 on top.  Patient was so thrilled with minis that he decided to wear snap in dentures on minis.  Those lasted over 15 years and then I lost track.

Mini can last but ideally stand implants are best for long term.  The younger you are the more seriously you should consider over engineering .  Minis can be kept as extra support with standards.

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