Asymmetrical/uneven smile and face. How do you fix it? (Photos)

Currently 21yrs old. All my life I knew I had my "good" side and my "bad" side and that my face was not symmetrical. It never bothered me until I paid more attention to myself in pictures and how disproportionate I looked compared to everyone a world of social media and selfies it's hard not to. This seriously sucks because I LOVE to smile and now I'm super self conscious. It has affected me mentally. By the way I've had braces from 3rd grade-7th grade. How do you fix this??

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Assymetrical look is orthopedic not orthodontic in nature

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I would first want to know if you have headache, TMJ , sinus, neck or ear pain before going into great detail.

It appears that you have a narrow maxilla and a long face,  The assymetry may be caused by positionig of the mandible.

I would consider the DNA Appliance that utilizes epigenetic orthopedics/orthodontics to correct the jaws.  If there is also pain then I would start with a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic. 

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