5 weeks post op, will my Brazilian butt lift look like this picture I showed my Doctor? (photo)

I had surgery 5 weeks ago and showed my Dr. The picture on the left. He says right now I'm swollen and lumpy and he is sending me to have Endomology treatments done. But even still I'm so discouraged that I don't think I will look at all like what I asked. From a professionals pov, will I? Or did he just not do what I asked? He said he placed 1000 cc's in the center of each side. I just feel like he should have been putting it in several places to shape me.

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Cosmetic Surgery

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it is very important that all patient and potential patients requesting any body part improvement through plastic cosmetic surgery is to understand that surgery can not dramatically change your body shape or make you look like other people.Cosmetic surgery can enhance that body part to a better shape. Patients requesting to look like models and famous people will be very disappointed because it is not possible.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Not likely your results will look like that

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Dear ab8301,

In short, it is unlikely you are going to achieve that type of result. You are a different build and body type.

Even more so, it is difficult to imagine 1000 cc injected into each buttock cheek. Fat that is removed from the body and transplanted has no blood supply. Just like a skin graft, it depends on picking up new circulation from the wound bed or host tissue that it is placed in. Therefore, the fat has to be distributed throughout the native fat that you have in your buttocks so that each tunnel of injected fat is surrounded by native tissue and can restore its circulation before being absorbed. In general, it is not possible to put such a large volume in each buttock cheek and expect it all to survive.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

Robert D. Wilcox, MD

BBL Results

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Although it is still early in your healing period, and your body will go through changes, it is unlikely that the picture on the right will transform into what you showed on the left.  These are two very different bodies, different bone structure and different fat distribution.  Understand that there is only so much you can do to change your body.  You are not made of clay and you can't be sculpted into any shape you wish.

6 weeks postop, will my Brazilian butt lift look like the picture I showed my doctor?

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Hello!  Thank you for your question!  At 5 weeks, you are still very early in the postoperative period. Final results will be seen at 2-3 months.  It is not uncommon to require several sessions, separated by 6-12 wks to add addition fat and contour the area. Discuss your goals/concerns with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes!

Expectations and Results with Brazillian Butt Lift

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The pre op consultation is vitally important between the Dr. and the Patient prior to surgery to make sure each is on the same page, and to make sure what you are expecting is something the surgeon feels he can reasonably deliver. I am not sure what transpired between you and your surgeon. Understanding that no Surgeon can guarantee results of any kind, there should be some understanding of what will be completed and the intended ideal result. In the photos you provide there are two different shapes that are near opposite. Your pictured result on the right will not look like the pictured result on the left, even after healing, I'm sorry to say.

5 weeks post op, will my Brazilian butt lift look like this picture I showed my Doctor? (photo)

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You are still in the healing process from the procedure so it is hard to tell what your final results will be exactly. It is important to remember that your wish pictures are typically people who have very different body types and you cannot expect to get the exact same look. 

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