Are my breast descended to low or bottomed out, is my pocket to large, I think I need pocket revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

Can my implants be positioned higher up and closer together and pocket stitched tighter or have they bottomed out, I had my augmentation 5 months ago they are placed subglandular, I want them positioned higher up closer together under the muscle.. I really don't want a lift but will consider crescent or donut lift, I have 550cc high profile smooth round, they were perfect then the swelling went away the dropped too low and shrank..are they saggy, I want big perky breast

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Implant replacement

So many women want to have "big perky breasts". Unfortunately, there really are very few occasions where "big perky breasts" exist for more than a short season of time. We live in a world with gravity and no one has yet figured out a way to make it go away. Big breasts should also be referred to as heavy breasts and heavy breasts tend to droop and drag with time, especially when placed in a subglandular pocket that has very little structural support. You probably need to decide if you want big breasts or perky breasts. Achieving both is often quite difficult unless you only want them to be perky for a short period of time. I hate to be the gloomy pessimist, but....

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Are my breast descended to low or bottomed out, is my pocket to large, I think I need pocket revision. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question and photographs. Unfortunately I think you will not obtain a satisfactory result with only implant placement. You have a moderate amount of breast sagging and excess skin to your breasts that will not correct itself with implants alone. A lift will correct both of these problems while also placing your nipple and areola into an elevated more youthful position and improving your shape and contour. Hope that this helps.

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Bottoming out?

Hello, there are multiple options to correct bottoming out, such as temporarily removing the implants and reinserting them once everything has healed, tightening up the crease under the breast with sutures or even supporting material, inserting the implants into a different pocket, etc.  Your surgeon would need to do a proper assessment and discuss the pros and cons of these options with you.

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