Had Levulan PDT Treatment 4/9 For Pre-Cancerous Skin on my Face, Did it Not Work?

I Had Levulan PDT Treatment April 9th for Pre Cancerous Skin on my Face. My face did turn bright red yet no peeling or blistering did occur does this mean it did not work.. My skin around my nose still seems very ruff yet no real reaction. Does this mean it did not work

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PDT treatment results are not based on peeling

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You do not need to peel or blister to have excellent photodynamic therapy (PDT) results. With some treatment sessions you may have this response, but not always, and it doesn't mean that the bad cells haven't been destroyed. Best to have your dermatologist review your treatment. You will often need a few treatment sessions, and possibly maintenance treatments. As well, imiquimod or 5-FU may be added by your dermatologist to your treatment plan to enhance results.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon


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You do not need to blister to see a response to PDT. I typically see patients back around one month after their treatment to asses their response. You may need another treatment, or may even need an alternative therapy to treat your actinic damage. Your skin should feel smoother to the touch, and you should see a reduction in the number of "sandpaper like" patches on your face. Call the doctor that performed the treatment and schedule an appointment so they can see how you are doing and discuss what might be next. 

Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD, FAAD
Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon

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