Can Multiple Sclerosis occur after botched nose surgery?

MS can occur as a result of damage to the neurons of the brain and spine. Reports exist from a leading medical research center that rhinoplasty can cause brain damage; although rare, and there is no denying how close surgeons work near the brain during septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and turbinate reduction. If there are damage to the neurons during this type of surgery or a result of general anesthesia, can this essentially cause MS in cases due to a surgical error or inexperienced surgeon?

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Can Multiple Sclerosis occur after botched nose surgery?

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Thank you for your question.Multiple Sclerosis is a condition affecting the central nervous system, that is primarily affecting the brain and the spinal cord. Its presentation greatly varies, and patients suffering from the condition present with diverse symptoms. For rhinoplasty to cause multiple sclerosis, the skull base would have to be breached during the operation. The dura would also have to be breached, and that could lead to symptoms such as headaches, rhinorrhea (cerebro spinal fluid leaking through the nose) and even meningitis.You get the picture. The surgeon would simply have to be extremely careless and wreckless for this kind of thing to happen. The probability therefore of developing multiple sclerosis following a rhinoplasty procedure is very low.Hope my answer helps!!

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