Is there any way Neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

...Im 47 year old woman.I have had hair extensions on and off for years..I noticed the back of my hair is very thin and see thru..Is there anyway neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

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Neograft Areas

Hi and thank you for your question!

We always recommend our patients come in for a consultation for us to provide the most accurate information. However, as long as there is sufficient donor hair it should be possible. One thing to consider is there needs to be enough loss in the area of concern for it to be recommend.

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Is there any way Neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

Yes, hair transplants using the NeoGraft technique can be placed anywhere on your scalp, even the back of your scalp. Losing hair from hair extensions placed too tightly is actually a common cause of hair loss as are tight braids. The only issue than limits hair transplant use is the lack of a good site to take the grafts from.

There are other situations and disorders that prevent the use of hair transplants, but these apparently do not apply in your case.

Thank you for your question. Patients are generally elated with NeoGraft results.


Without a full examination I can't say for sure, but there is no reason that you can't do this in theory. Of course you would have to have adequate volume of hair in some other place to harvest grafts from. You wouldn't want to correct one problem and cause a new area of thinning hair elsewhere. You may be suffering from traction alopecia - hair loss from pulling or traction on the hair (in this case the extensions and hurting your native hair). A qualified transplant surgeon can evaluate your hair and make recommendations. Best, Dr. M

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