Is there any way Neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

...Im 47 year old woman.I have had hair extensions on and off for years..I noticed the back of my hair is very thin and see thru..Is there anyway neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

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Hair grafts can be placed on many different parts of the scalp and even body!

The answer to your question in most likely 'yes', but I'd need to see you in consultation first.  I have placed hair grafts in many different parts of the scalp and body, including the back of the scalp and scars.

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Neograft for Female Hair Restoration

This is a very good question about what Neograft can achieve for you.  First and foremost, I would recommend visiting with a board certified surgeon who is experienced in hair transplantation.  I would make sure the exact cause of the hair loss is known, and once it is clear that grafts are possible and would likely have a good take rate in the region of concern, then, I would consider Neograft.  Typically the back of the scalp is used as a donor site, but, in certain instances, donor hair can be taken from the sides, or other sites that are thicker in density.  Again, discussing a treatment plan with an experienced hair restoration surgeon is the key.  Best of luck!

Christopher S. Zarella, MD
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Neograft Results

The Neograft is a device/tools used to perform the FUE method of Hair Transplant Surgery. We generally shy away from recommending the Neograft device due to its large punch size and vacuum extraction of the follicles. A hair follicle is extremely fragile and the more you manipulate it, the more damage it causes, and it can lead to lower success rates for regrowth. The Neograft uses a suction technique to suction the grafts after extraction, thus adding additional manipulation to the grafts. Not only that, but many Neograft procedures are performed by unlicensed technicians and not by actual doctors themselves which can lead to problems for patients. In my opinion, the best method used for FUE or FUT is when the procedure is done by hand. You can research physicians across the country that have the experience, that do one surgery per day, have a skilled and experience staff and schedule a consultation. 

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Neograft is a machine that harvest donor hairs from the back of your head using the FUE harvest method.

Neograft is a machine that harvest donor hairs from the back of your head using the FUE harvest method.  It has nothing to do with results or adding hair on your neck.  That would involve seeing a doctor in person for a consultation.  A doctor has to examine your donor hair as well as your scalp to give you an accurate assessment if your goals can be achieved. 

Jae Pak, MD
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Transplanting hair on lower back of head

Hi  and thanks for your question. It is certainly possible to transplant hairs to eighth-inning region of the scalp from a different location where there is more density using a variety of techniques including the Neograft device. However it's very important to diagnose the underlying cause of your hair loss before a treatment plan is created specific to your needs. I would make sure that you  see a surgeon who is very experienced with hair transplant surgery. Best of luck. 

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Hair transplant robot

Neograft is the name of a machine that helps with extraction of FUE grafts. An FUE hair transplant can be done by moving hair from the sides to the back as long as the donor sides are not equally depleted as the back.  You would need to see a hair transplant expert to evaluate your scalp and do a microscopic exam to assess the density.  It is possible that over time the weight of your hair extensions are causing traction on the hair follicles.  This results in a constant pulling on the hair follicles which may actually be worsening your condition.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Sure the hair harvested with the NeoGraft method can be placed anywhere on your head. It can be a great option to add density to the lower portion of your head. Seek a surgeon near you for a consultation to further judge whether it is necessary. 

Thank You

Baldev Singh Sandhu, MD
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Neograft Areas

Hi and thank you for your question!

We always recommend our patients come in for a consultation for us to provide the most accurate information. However, as long as there is sufficient donor hair it should be possible. One thing to consider is there needs to be enough loss in the area of concern for it to be recommend.

Best of luck,

Dr. Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens, MD
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Is there any way Neograft can be done to put more hair on the lower back of my head?

Yes, hair transplants using the NeoGraft technique can be placed anywhere on your scalp, even the back of your scalp. Losing hair from hair extensions placed too tightly is actually a common cause of hair loss as are tight braids. The only issue than limits hair transplant use is the lack of a good site to take the grafts from.

There are other situations and disorders that prevent the use of hair transplants, but these apparently do not apply in your case.

Thank you for your question. Patients are generally elated with NeoGraft results.

E. Ronald Finger, MD
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Without a full examination I can't say for sure, but there is no reason that you can't do this in theory. Of course you would have to have adequate volume of hair in some other place to harvest grafts from. You wouldn't want to correct one problem and cause a new area of thinning hair elsewhere. You may be suffering from traction alopecia - hair loss from pulling or traction on the hair (in this case the extensions and hurting your native hair). A qualified transplant surgeon can evaluate your hair and make recommendations. Best, Dr. M

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