Can over aggressive septo-rhinoplasty and subcutaneous resection of the turbinates cause blepharitis?

I have been experiencing burning eyes with burning sensations in the forehead and face post surgery. I am eight months post op. The surgeon was quite aggressive with fat removal under the eyes and where the nose meets the cheeks. Can this much fat removal cause active blepharitis? I did not have a pre-existing condition of blepharitis or rosacea prior to surgery.

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Fat Removal

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You describe a Rhinoplasty and Turbinate Resection but then further describe fat removal from under your eyes and your medial cheeks.  This is confusing.  If in fact you had Blepharoplasty surgery then Blepharitis can sometimes occur .  You should speak with your surgeon and describe your symptoms.  Possibly a referral to an eye doctor might be prudent.

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