Are there Lesser Invasive Procedures One Try Before Considering a Body Lift?

If a patient wants to avoid surgery but has multiple skin folds and sagging skin, what options are available?

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Are There Alternatives to Body Lifts for Sagging Skin?

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If there were an easy way to shrink excess skin plastic surgeons would be the first to want to use it.  Unfortunately the "non-invasive" skin tighteners are hyped up and not shown to be of any real benefit.  Once a person's skin elasticity begins to diminish, surgical removal is the only way in our current medical state of knowledge, to eliminate the folds of skin.   You would probably enjoy a consultation with a surgeon experienced in body lifts to see what this would mean in your circumstances.  Don't be hoodwinked by  non surgical skin shrinkers.  It would be a poor use of your time and resources, possibly very disheartening.

Less Invasive is Not Always the Answer

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This question is very hard to answer without photos, but if you truly have significant skin folds and sagging skin your best bet is likely a body lift.  I have seen many patients spend a good amount of money on less invasive procedures only to end up looking very similar to where they started.  As you can see from the RealSelf reviews 93% of people rate a body lift as worth it.  

A full evaluation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon should be performed, and the best plan for you can be determined.  



What does a bodylift do?

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A lower bodylift is a combination of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), outer thigh lift and buttock lift. In essence, the bodylift surgery deals with your midsection. You could consider having an abdominoplasty or a buttock lift separately. However, if you are a good candidate for a lower bodylift, you would get the best results by dealing with these problem areas at the same time through a bodylift operation rather than doing them separately.

Ramin Behmand, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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