Length of Time for SmartLipo Procedure?

OK So my mom had smartlipo done on her flanks, her upper back, and her stomach and that little front underarm pouch. it took the doctor about 2 hours. My sister had smart lipo on her sides and her inner and outter thighs and her doctor took about 4 hours. My mom has a lot more fat then my petite sister (5'4, 120 pounds)does. What's the average timeline for these procedures?

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Smart lipo vs. liposuction and time of procedure

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 It is hard to compare the same procedure from patient to pateint with the same doctor as patients are different, and it is impossible to compare different surgeons as experience and protocols vary so the time involved with doing the procedure can vary immensely.

Conventional tumescent liposuction is a two step procedure. First local anesthesia is done, then the liposuction removal (aspiration) of fat. 

Smart Liposuction or other laser-assisted liposuction procedures is a three step procedure involving the local anesthesia administration, then the laser heating of the fatty layer which needs to be done thoroughly and cautiously so as not to create a burn or thermal injury to the dermis or overlying epidermis, and then finally the third part of the procedure which is the fat removal with liposuction.  Most surgeons agree that the liposuction, regardless of type of technology used, is the most important part of any liposuction procedure.  The skill of the surgeon and attention to detail while being cautious and protective of the skin and surrounding deeper tissues is important.

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The exact time of liposuction surgery varies. Most of what I do usually takes between 2 and 3 hours.  But every surgeon is different.

How long does Smart Lipo take?

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Smart Lipo takes more time than traditional tumescent liposuction. It is at least a two step procedure; standard liposuction is a one step procedure.

In a standard tumescent liposuction the fat is removed in one stage.

In a Smart Lipo, the fat is first removed either using Smart Lipo or suction. In the second stage, the Smart Lipo laser energy is applied to the under surface of the skin. The goal is to achieve tightening of the overlying skin.

In my experience, Smart Lipo adds 50 to 100% to the time needed for liposuction.

If a Smart Lipo is completed in a short time period, I would wonder how much of the procedure was performed using the Smart Lipo and whether enough laser energy was applied to the skin to achieve tightening.


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Length of Time for SmartLipo Procedure?

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If under local anesthesia than the more fat the longer the surgery time. If under light general anesthesia than operative time less than 2 to 3 hours.  Regards Dr. Darryl J. Blinski from MIAMI

Time in liposuction

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There are no standard times and it is very surgeon dependent and technique dependent.  Was it the same doctor they both used?

Time for Smart lipo or any procedure.

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There are no guidelines for time when using SmartLipo or any laser lipolysis. Each surgeon may use a different technique or approach. Time is important with ultrasonic liposuction. This would not be unlike asking how long it takes for someone to paint a room: some may do it in 2 hours and others will do this in 10.

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