Can Lenghtening and Dorsal Augmentation Be Done for a Short Nose with One Graft? and How the Recovery Would Be?

I had a rinoseptoplasty done 7 weeks ago the functional part is fine but I'm not happy with the sthetic result, my nose is too short and my bridge is to low specially where the osteotomies where made. Is there a way to correct both issues with only one change I mean lenghtening my nose like 4mm and also rising the dorsum 3mm, and how will the recovery for this would be? thanks

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Lengthening and dorsal augmentation

These are both possible and the best graft is likely autologous (your own) rib - one graft is typically enough for dorsal augmentation but many times more than one graft is needed for lengthening a short nose

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Can nasal lengthening and dorsal augmentation be done concurrently?

Yes, if needed both issues can be addressed in one surgery. It's hard to say whether just one graft is needed without examining your nose, though. Rib cartilage can be an excellent source of cartilage for nasal lengthening and dorsal augmentation as it is strong enough for the job and there is typically a more than adequate supply. 

It is a bit early to be considering a revision procedure as your nose will continue to evolve over the first year after surgery.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty grafting can be done in one procedure

Yes, you could easily have everything corrected in your nose with one single procedure. It might be possible to design a single graft to lengthen and augment an over reduced nose or it may take several grafts working towards the same goal. I typically use a single L strut made from the 6th rib to rebuild the over reduced nose. Without see photos of your nose it is really difficult to be more specific than that.
I will say that at 7 weeks since your rhinoplasty it is too soon to think about undergoing such a major procedure. Typically noses change a lot during the first 6 months to a year. Unless something went horribly wrong the first rhinoplasty and you have deformed nose would I recommend doing something sooner than 6 - 8 months. Be very careful with your selection of a surgeon to do you next rhinoplasty-ask lots of questions, look at before and afters, you will know when you have found the right doctor for you. Good luck.

Ivan Wayne, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty for over reduction

It is possible to achieve both goals with one procedure. Depends on the way your nose was reduced you may need ear or rib cartilage for augmentation. Make the dorsum high is easier than lengthening the nose. If  your cartilage support is intact lengthening can be quite easy as well.

Norman Ge, MD
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Lengthening Nose and Dorsal Augmentation

First, I remind you that your nose will change over the next 6 months. Lengthening your nose and augmenting the dorsum can and should be done  during the same revision operation, regardless of how many grafts are necessary. Carefully select a surgeon experienced in revision rhinoplasty. The initial recovery will take about 10 days, but noticeable refinement will take3-6 months. The final result will take one year.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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