Cheek Implants Feel Tight and Sensitive 6 Months Post-op

I had cheek implants(malar) 6 months ago I absolutely love them,but they are still sensitive to touch,and sleeping on them,I still get "twangs"in them,and when I smile,it feels tight and sensitive,and I think I may still be slightly swollen;I'm going to be away this week,hence I can't get to my surgeon;I feel it's good to get multiple opinions,anyway,please get back to me,I'm really worried and I don't want to lose my cheek implants. Thank you very much,Leigh

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Cheek implant

Please return to your plastic surgeon for examination and evaluation of the area.

Infection or displacement need to be excluded.

Generally speaking, the swelling and sensation changes should be slowly resolving.

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Tight Cheek Implants

Without a physical examination it is impossible to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment solely on the basis of your description. See your surgeon when you return home - this does not sound like an emergency.    You're probably experiencing normal healing with resolution of swelling and the return of normal sensation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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