Post 18 Months Septorhinoplasty Operation, Hard Lump in Middle 3rd,stiff/tight Skin and Burning in Nostrils. Probable Cause/fix?

I had the op 18 months ago,there are irregularies on the bone and left middle 3rd. The skin feels tight and stiff,I still have some difficulty smiling properly and there's some discomfort/burning sensation in my nostrils. They appear quite dry most of the time with what looks like a small nasal polyp on the the right septum. I have difficulty breathing every now and then with the Cottle test (sometimes) showing some improvement,it is worth noting that I have also been diagnosed with depression.

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Hump Problems after Rhinoplasty

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    If you had any grafts placed during the first surgery this could account for the irregularity.  In addition, there could be a bone or cartilage fragment there.  This could probably be addressed in closed fashion under local anesthesia.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Post surgery

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Functionally, you must be evaluated to asses the cause of your obstruction. Is it a polyp, turbinates, nasal valve collapse? can not tell without examination.

Your photos do show you have some collapse in the mid one third of your nose, and also some irregularities from the hump removal.

I would consult with a rhinoplasty specialist.

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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