One of my eyes are more hollow than the other - is this something that can be fixed? (photos)

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Upper lids

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mmn8, what could be realistically achieved to make your lids appear more symmetric would depend on what bothered you the most; the fullness of the upper L relative to the R or visa versa. See an experienced specialist to have this evaluated. Search the Internet and see the video; good luck!

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Uneven Eye Hollow Treatments

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The shape of the upper eyelids can vary between patients.  Your shape has increased hollowness in the area closer to the nose.  In medical terminology, you have an "A" shaped upper eyelid.  In is not uncommon for patients with this shaped upper eyelid to get filler in this region to make the eye have less of an "A" shape and more like an almond shape.  This is an advance filler technique and should only be performed by someone who is very confident with this type of injection.  I would only inject this area with a blunted tipped microcannulla.  

I hope this helps.  

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