Looking to obtain an otoplasty/earfold/ ear pinning procedure in the UK area. Any suggestions?

I have been very self concious about about my ears for a long time, it has effected my confidence and I have suffered immensely on my personal life because of it. I have finally decided to have a procedure to sort this out. I have £1,600 for this to be done and am looking for any surgeon available around this price mark and what options are available. Thank you
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Otoplasty prices in Cancun mexico

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Thank you for your question. Some pictures of your ears (front and back) would be helpful for the evaluation of your case. It´s important that you look for a board certified surgeon for the procedure. Here in Cancun Mexico, you can get it done for 1800 USD including a 4 days stay.
Best regards
Dr. Marco Carmona MD

Looking to obtain an otoplasty/earfold/ ear pinning procedure

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Hi, I have performed many Otoplasties over the past 30 years.  Photos of your ears from the front and back would help in the evaluation.  The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic in less than 1 hour.

Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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