What can be done about milia on eyelid?

My eye is literally covered with them, the right one has some under the eye/ cheek area too. The NHS said they cannot do anything however, it's annoying because its very visible. I tried tea tree oil however it worked for the first few times after that my skin begun going red/ swollen so I stopped

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Milia or syringoma?

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Yes milia are little pearl cysts made of trapped keratin and can be removed by expressing the cyst (done by some facialists).  Another cause of white dots on the eyelid and face are little bumps called syringomas.  These require a different approach.  Typically I cauterized them.  Some remove them with ablative lasers.  So you really need a diagnosis with a dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon rather than a home remedy. 

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Milia on Eyelid

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Milia are basically tiny trapped glands, which contain Keratin, and are often referred to as "Keratin Pearls". A variety of topical medications such as Retin-A and Alpha Hyrdoxy acids may eradicate these annoying little bumps. They can be permanently removed by having a simple office procedure where they are "unroofed" and extracted. 

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