3 days post-op breast augmentation under muscle. How long does the discomfort last?

Hi so I'm 3 days post op. I had my breast enlargement on Tuesday. Under the muscle teardrop 440cc . I'm in a lot of achy pain around my front and sides. Strong pain when I take a deep breath in under left breast. Feels like I've pulled a muscle and travels down to left rib. I have a slight headache at the front of head. I have took a codene tablet today. I can't sleep at night it's so uncomfortable. How long does is take roughly for me to feel less discomfort? Many thanks

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Postop pain following breast augmentation surgery

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Hang in there.  Most of the pain and discomfort will resolve after about a week, with most patients being allowed to resume normal light activities after two weeks.  However, it all boils down to a person's pain threshold, implant size, and other key variables.
I hope that helps and good luck. 

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It varies from women to women

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i have my patients starting doing arm and chest stretches gently and slowly immediately after the surgery. I believe it is very important and exceptionally helpful to do this. All of the discomfort that you are experiencing comes from the muscle being stretched  and the worse thing you can do, is to move very little because this causes the muscle to just get tighter. it is also important that you take deep breathes and stretch your chest muscles, even if it hurts.the worst thing you can do is to lie in bed and think about how sore you are. try and be active and doing things and you will get back to normal much quicker.hang in there. it will get better. good luckdavid berman md

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