Vaping with no nicotine before breast augmentation? (Photo)

hello! im going for a breast augmentation (silicone) in less than 3 weeks I used to vape with nicotine but once I scheduled my surgery I bought vaporizing juice without nicotine I was wondering if it is okay to still vape with 0mg nicitone. im already grumpy and having withdrawal with no niticone and dont want to give up vaping without niticone. (not a e cigg? what are the risks?

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No vaping

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Cigarette smoke contains 4000 toxic substances.  Nobody knows what is in vaping fluid. The effects of each of these substances on the outcome of a breast augmentation has not been studied individually.  The most important issues with cigarette smoke is the carbon monoxide, which compromises the oxygen delivery to the healing tissues, and the nicotine, which causes spasm of the blood vessels delivering blood to the healing wound.  Anything that compromises healing can lead to an increase risk of infection, wound separation, or capsular contracture.  Just because there is no scientific paper which links nicotine or carbon monoxide specifically to the development of capsular contracture, does not mean that an association exists but has not been adequately identified.  Clearly eliminating the smoke is important because of the carbon monoxide poisoning of the blood.  Eliminating nicotine is important as well.  It would be wise to stay away from nicotine until everything is completely healed.

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