Who is Legally Allowed to Administer Botox/Restylane in Canada?

Can anyone tell me if an estitician is legally allowed to obtain either of these? I have had Serious problems with my restalyne, and have learned that it may be illegal for my estitician to obtain this. I am worried that I may not have had pure restalyne, as Hyaluronidase (2x) has had little effect except blowing my face out like a balloon. I know she GETS it from a doctor here in Canada, but isn't that in itself illegal?

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Aestheticians vs. doctors to perform Botox or Dysport

Whether it is legal or not, such as in the United States in which the regulations vary with each state, doctors may be more knowledgeable of not only the anatomy, but more aware of risks with Botox injections. If there is swelling after hyaluronidase, be careful and consider not having it again as you could be allergic to the hyaluronidase.  We only rely on U.S. FDA approved Botox and never have obtained Botox or Dysport from any other source as the purity can not be guaranteed and the same applies for providers using Botox in Canada that they should use only Canadian-approved Botox.



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Botox/Restylane Injectors in Canada

Just like in the states, you can contact your local medical board to find out their requirements and minimum standards. In the U.S., each state's requirements are different. If something is awry, it's important for you and the safety of others, to report it. Don't take the word of others in passing - contact the medical board yourself and ask!

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