Cream for Expanding Skin After Thigh Lift?

I had a leg/thigh lift and the result was not so good. The doctor did it 3 times to take up the scar, and at the end, he took so much skin. I don't have enough skin in that area, and I need something to expand the skin over it. I need some cms extra. Is there any cream for this objetive? Thank you very much.

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Skin Tightness Following Thigh Lift Surgery

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It's impossible to make a specific recommendation without pictures or a physical examination. In general terms, scars and soft tissue tend to soften with time. This can be facilitated with massage and stretching exercises. Unfortunately, there are no creams that can actually expand skin. Under these circumstances, it's important to maintain close contact with your plastic surgeon. If you're not happy with his response, it's appropriate to obtain a second opinion.

Expanding skin after Thigh Lift?

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It is difficult to make any judgement without seeing pictures or examining you, but I'll give you several things to think about.

After 3 surgeries, there is a lot of scarring in the area. The tightness you feel may be a function of the scar adhering to the underlying tissues. If this is the case, a lot of massage and manipulation of the scar may be necessary. In some cases physical therapists use a combination of ultrasound to break up scar tissue and other techniques such as iontophoresis get some steroid into the scar tissue to weaken it.

If what you mean is that the tissues have spread and the scar is very thin and indented, you may need a scar revision after a few months.

As for the skin itself, it will stretch with time and range of motion excercises.

I hope this helps.

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