Tattoo Removal for Big and Dark Leg Tattoo?

I would like to get a very big, dark tattoo removed from my leg. How much is a tattoo removal, for this area? How many treatments are usually needed? Will there be a scar, and can I still tan afterwards? Thank you for your time.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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I use a laser for tattoo removal. Black and blue pigments respond better than red, yellow, and green. It may take up to 10 treatments. The cost of each is fairly reasonable, but when you add them up it becomes quite expensive. It is unusual to scar or lose skin pigment with the laser that I use.

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Tattoo removal for big and dark leg tattoo

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Dark colors actually respond the best to laser treatments for tattoos. A physician would need to see the tattoo to determine the number of treatments, but you can assume that at least 10 treatments will be required for professional tattoos.

Fees vary from one area of the country to another and, again, without seeing your tattoo, I would be hard pressed to give an estimate.

Tanning, in general, can be resumed after laser treatments for tattoo removal, but only once they have been completed, not in the middle of them. As regards scarring, when done correctly, laser treatments rarely leave a scar.

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