Options for Removing Leg Scars?

Apart from chemical peels, what other options do I have to remove old scars on my leg? I've already talked to a doctor about it, but he suggested chemical peel. The cost of chemical peel is too much for me. The scars didn't result from any treatments, I got them through abcess and wounds when I was younger. Please help!


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Leg scar removal options

Hi Maza60,

The appropriate treatment for your situation depends on the type of scars. Unfortunately, we're not sure that any of the suggestions we would make will be any cheaper than the chemical peels. Here are several options. Good luck.

  • Surgical Revision (textured scars, raised or indented). Removal and/or subcision.
  • Q-switched laser treatments (pigmented scars).
  • Fractional Laser Treatments

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Leg Scars - Tough problems

Scars of the lower extremity (legs especially) are difficult t improve, especially if they are depressed. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon as to any surgical alternatives, although if the problem is one of pigmentation, a board certified dermatologist may also be helpful. Be sure to ask questions. What are the alternatives? What are the risks? What is the likelihood of improvement? If your physician suggests that the risks are greater than the chance of improvement you may want to think about any treatment very carefully.

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How to remove these scars on my legs..

Hi Maza60,

As you probably know, not all scars are created equal. If they are DARK then they may respond to skin products containing hydroquinone. If they are LIGHT, they may respond to topicals like tacrolimus.If they are raised, they might get smaller with topical steroids or intra scar injections.

Chemical peels aren't for every one and I mainly use them on the face and the back.

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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