Which laser would be best for my leg hyperpigmentation?

Which treatment would be better, Fraxel dual 1927 or Q switched laser? I am trying to lighten the pigmented areas only. My skin is dark and type 5. I was told the E matrix laser does not go deep enough and the pigment is in the dermis.

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Treating hyperpigmentation

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I think it would be most helpful for you to post a photo.  I am not clear if you are trying to lighten brown spots of pigmentation from a secondary cause.  The treatment would be quite different.  I utilize Fraxel, eMatrix, and Q- switched laser, depending on the area and skin type.  The answer is not that simple.  You may not be able to treat the area with lasers at all and hydroquinones may be the best treatment.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lasers for the best results.

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