Can I do leg exercises or not? 2 weeks post op (photo)

I am very depressed that I cannot go to the gym. He advised me to only walk. I still go to the gym and use the stationary bike, elliptical (without using the arm handles) and I do lower body exercises. his secretary said that I can do leg exercises or anything lower body so I'm not sure what to do and they are very vague in their responses. I must admit I even lifted very heavy using the leg machines at the gym and yesterday I did biceps lol. Is there anything I can do for the swelling?

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You should follow the instructions of your PS.  If not , you risk having a negative result and you would not be happy about that.

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Leg exercises 2 weeks post-op breast surgery

I can understand wanting to get back to your exercise routine but you must follow your surgeon's instructions because you don't want to do anything to compromise your results. I typically allow walking on treadmill at around 2 weeks and back to most regular activity at 3-4 weeks. Take it slow and gradually work up. Anything like running, heavy lifting, yoga, cross fit, more like 6-8 weeks depending on how you are healing. I know you are most likely feeling better and antsy, so go see your surgeon for a follow up visit and ask exactly what he would release you to do. ac

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Activities after Breast Augmentation

Many women who love the gym and exercise want to get back to the their routines after breast augmentation surgery. Most implants are placed under the pectoral muscle with a controlled cutting of that muscle. Most muscle tears take 6-8 weeks to heal. If in the early post operative period you tear more muscle than what was performed in surgery, especially a smooth walled implant, will develop a larger pocket in the new area that may affect where the implant settles. So, it is your best interest to be patient and allow yourself to heal. I tell my patients that I do not want any bouncing our strong pectoral muscle contractions for 6 weeks. One can walk, use the stationary bicycle, and elliptical without the arms. Light arm activity is also allowed.

If you want earlier return to activity use a textured implant. They hold their position better and we allow return to activity within 3 weeks when a textured shaped or round implant is utilized.

Scott Haupt, MD
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Can I do leg exercises or not? 2 weeks post op (photo)

Thank you for your question. I advise that you follow your plastic surgeons post-operative regimen concerning your convalescence.

Wesley T. Myers, MD
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Can I do leg exercises?

Breast augmentation with implants below the muscle requires a post op approach that minimizes the stress on the breasts. It's best to follow what your surgeon tells you. Until he or she tells you exercise using your legs is permissible. That, using your arms is not.

James R. Benjamin, MD
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Can I do leg exercises or not? 2 weeks post op

Are you serious?? YOU MUST follow your chosen surgeon's advise, period... Why take the risk of injury to recent operation///

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Postop instructions

Please follow your plastic surgeon's postop care instructions. Doing too much too early can increase this risk of bleeding or hinder your healing.

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Can I do leg exercises or not 2 weeks after breast augmentation?

Run your questions by your plastic surgeon but most likely, at this stage, he will give you the okay to increase lower body activity, such as weightlifting. Remember that he knows exactly how you are progressing and will have a better understanding of what you are planning to do.

Time and patience are your best friends when it comes to resolution of swelling.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Leg exercises usually okay 2 weeks after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. I suggest that you see your Dr. in person and follow his instructions.

That said, in most cases leg exercises and even gentle running can be done to weeks after breast augmentation. However vigorous upper body exercise and weight lifting should be delayed 3-4 weeks. The swelling that you see in your breasts will decrease slowly over 4-6 weeks.

Exercise After Breast Augmentation

Walking is good as your surgeon told you, I tell my patients to avoid strenuous exercise for 3 to 4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery as it can increase swelling and discomfort. Give your body a chance to heal and don't overdo it.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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