Left:445cc,right:485cc.....is It Right Size?pictures Added.

hi..today I had my last appointment with doc before my BA surgery...We decided to go for moderate profile ,left:TRM445,and right:TRM485 gummy bear implants overs...He said that my right breast has a less tissue,and its smaller than the left one..but i don't want to end up having to different breast sizes.I'll add my pictures...thank you for your time and opinions:) p.s.my current size is between 36B and 34C.

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Breast surgery

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Clear communication with your plastic surgeon is important in achieving the desired goals of the patient.  I like to communicate with patients with “goal” pictures.  During surgery, I use temporary sizers to determine the size/profile that will give the patient the look she is looking for. Trying to predict the size of the implant preoperatively is not ideal.  I think it is too much responsibility for the patient to choose the size of the implant.  Ideally, the surgeon would make that determination once he/she is in the operating room with sizers in and examining the patient in the upright and supine position.  There are many variables that come into play when choosing the correct implant size (how much breast tissue the patient currently has, the shape of the chest wall (concave vs. convex), etc..  I generally do not recommend sub-glandular augmentation ("overs") for man reasons.  Make sure you are aware of the pro's and con's of implant positioning prior to surgery.


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always difficult to correct asymmetry completely..  all someone can say is that you will be closer to the same volume than you started.  good luck

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Silicone implants over the muscle

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It's very common to use two different sized breast implants to achieve better symmetry. It's difficult for me to appreciate the difference in size based on these photos. Ask your surgeon again to confirm the sizes before surgery. Implants placed over the muscle will make mammography slightly more difficult to detect breast cancer in the future.

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