Why my Left (Upper Side) Implant is Bulging out Toward the Front, Painful and Very Tender. Why?

I,ve just had BA with polyurathene implants inserted 4 weeks ago, but I feel really painful now on my left breast, my chest, arm and my back (all on the left side)and also the implant is very hard. And I notice that the upper side of the implant is kind of bulging out/move towards the front,really obvious (it started after theree weeks post op, until now..) is it a sign ofimplant displacement? or CC? thank you.

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Implant problems

If your ches tis very firm and you have alot of pain4 weeks after surgery, you probably need to be seen by your surgeon to rule out a hematoma/seroma.

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Unusual feelings following Polyurethane breast implant augmentation

I didn't know that the polyurethane implants were available so I assume you are not in the USA Your symptoms raise concerns about implant displacement and/or hematoma/seroma. Call your surgeon promptly and schedule an examination. These type of implants are known to promote an profound inflammatory response and this may be normal

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