Left Side of my Face is Paralyzed? (photo)

When I was 10 years old( Im 18 now) I fell down while doing front flips. My left side of the face became paralyzed. I didnt know there could be a surgery for that until now that I've researched. I live in Texas and I would love to know if there is still hope that I can gain movement again.

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Facial Paralysis Treatment Options

Thanks so much for your question. There is definitely hope in treating your facial paralysis. I help patients like you who have been struggling with the effects of facial paralysis every day. It can be tricky finding a doctor who has a high level of expertise with treating facial nerve problems, but it’s very important to find a true expert. Usually my patients see the best results with a combination of different types of treatment. Surgery, Botox injections, and facial physical therapy can all be used to treat facial paralysis. There are a variety of different surgical options that can be performed depending on the type of facial paralysis. Surgeries are best complimented with Botox injections and physical therapy that help with facial coordination and strengthening the facial muscles that have been paralyzed. I would be happy to discuss things in more detail with you during a consultation. If you are interested in learning more feel free to email me at info@facialparalysisinstitute.com or call (310) 657-2203.

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There are many options for reconstruction of facial nerve paralysis

Kiara, thank you for your question.  Facial nerve paralysis can be a devistating problem that can be isolating and emotionally damaging.  We take for granted our ability to use our facial muscles to communicate our emotions, and to help portray ourselves to others as we perceive ourselves.  There are many surgeons accross the country that have experience in "rehabilitation of the paralyzed facial nerve".  There are both STATIC procedures (procedures that will not help you move your face, but that will help restore symmetry of your left and right face at rest), and DYNAMIC procedures (procedures that can help restore movement to the paralyzed side of the face) that are commonly performed.  I can't say from the limited information in your question if you would be a candidate for such dynamic procedures, but it is possible.  I would suggest seaking out a plastic surgeon, or facial plastic surgeon, at a major medical institution who has experience evaluating and treating facial nerve paralysis.  If you would like any additional information, or recommendations, please send me a message.  Thanks for your question, and good luck!

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Facial paralysis

This is highly complex and needs a full examination and diagnostic testing. It is very unusual to get facial paralysis from a fall. You need to see a plastic surgeon who does facial palsy procedures. The nearest university hospital near you is a good start

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