Left Nostril Damaged After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 11 days ago, to remove a dorsal hump and to lift the tip of my nose slightly. The cast was removed 2 days ago, and my nose is unsuprisingly inflamed. I am more or less happy with the outer shape. However I have realised something I believed to be dry blood from the first time I discovered it, which was a few days ago. But i have taken a picture of it, and it seems NOT to be dry blood, but something else? maybe cartilage? bone? Please help i have supplied a picture.

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Nostril Damage after Surgery

It is not bone, could be cartilage, but most likely is swelling or blood. An incision is usually made at  that location. Have your surgeon determine what this is. While your incisions heal, nobody can see this - unless you keep looking up your nose. Any revision, which is unlikely, would be minor.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Dear Andy,

If you are referring to the area of fullness within you left nostril near the apex, it could very well be just swelling of the nasal mucosa.  This is quite frequent, and depends on what your surgeon needed to do on the inside.  The best person to ask about this is your doctor.  They will either immediately know what you are talking about (they would have seen it when the splint came off) and can reassure you, or will want to have a look to accurately tell you what is going on.  Call your surgeon's office and sleep better.

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