Left Nipple Pain 5 Months Post Mastoplexy?

I have had pain, hypersensitivity to my left nipple for about a week now. I am 5 months post op mastoplexy. My nipple/areola don't look any different, not swollen, no discharge...just discomfort. Almost like a chaffed like feeling. I run a lot, so I am wondering if this is related to nerve regeneration to the nipple. Just wondering why it would happen all of a sudden - 5 months post op and why it's only on one side. Any answers or suggestions to ease the discomfort?

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Left Nipple Pain 5 Months Post Mastoplexy?

For this to occur so late after surgery is a bit unusual. Rather than guess based on little info and no exam, I will suggest a call and visit to your surgeon.

Sometimes a brief period of topical anesthetic (lidoderm patch or lidocaine cream) will break the cycle. 

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