I Left my Retainer at School and then Didn't Wear It Till Two Nights Ago and my Teeth Have Moved a Little Bit. Do I Need Braces?

Teeth have just shifted a little bit and aren't perfectly strait. They seem to be bigger than they were before. Retainers do fit, it just that they don't seem to be bringing them back to they were before. Will the retainer bring them back? I also have the permanent peice of metal on the bottom.

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Not have Retainers

My suggestion would be to see your treating doctor to have your specific scenario assessed. Sooner than later would be better.  You would not want all your hard work of wearing braces to be for not and to have your teeth shift.  Your doctor, once they have had a chance to assess you, can advise you on what you should do to make sure your teeth do not shift further and to hopefully be able to bring them back to where they were when you got your braces off.  

Toronto Orthodontist

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