Left Lower Lip Appears to Be Reverting Back to Gum Tissue 3 Months Post Chin Implant. What Happened?

Total left lip paralysis immediately after chin implant. Can now lower lip about 2/3 of the way, but only outer lip moves while gum tissue remains elevated. With great effort can move both inner & outer potions at same time. Lower lip remains looking small, receded and too high. I am in constant, throbbing pain with paresthesias and tightness. Lip constantly abraded by being "shoved" under top teeth. Can this be repaired? Options please. PS says not to worry. Too late for that. Help me.

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Lower Lip Weakness and Pain after Chin Implant Augmentation

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You are describing two different nerve issues from your chin implant surgery. Lower lip paralysis is a facial nerve issue (7th cranial nerve) for which only time can offer improvement. It can take up to six months for full functional return. Pain and numbness is a mental nerve issue (5th cranial nerve) and may indicate at three months out from surgery that the implant may be impinging on the nerve as it exits from the bone. Tightness and pain at this point after chin implant insertion is unusual. If so that would necessitate surgical implant repositioning. The last issue, lower lip position, may be more of a reflection of weakness and numbness of the lip more than anything else.,

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