Left Groin Area Painful Under Incision and Very Tender to Touch 7 Days After Full Tummy Tuck (Right Side Not Like That)?

I am a week out from a full tummy tuck and my left groin area is a bit painful and quite tender. No other area really hurts and off all pain meds. Does not hurt when I walk, just bend, strain doing something or when I press on the area with my fingers. Mentioned the tenderness when I got my drain out yesterday but they said it was completely normal to have localized pain anywhere. Am I overreacting? Just strange that no other area hurts that much at all.

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Too early to tell

It is common to have asymmetrical pain in random areas so I would just wait it out at this time.  There are some nerves that run through that area than can be troublesome but time will tell.  If it's still an issue a week or more out from your surgery date, then you should address this concern with your surgeon.

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