Left Eye Pseudoptosis? (photo)

Ive been having a problem with my left eye for some years. I believe its pseudoptosis because ive researched ptosis and learned that it was a muscle issue. My left eyelid opens just fine. I have triple creases in my left eyelid which I think means i have excess skin on that eyelid. On my right eyelid i have one crease. My left eyelid stays 3 creased and is always looking tired. I only want to remove excess skin but no fat. I want to keep fullness and have no hollowness. Any advise wat i shd do? Any alternatives to a Brow lift?

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In the first photo it does appear that your left eyelid is ptotic when compared with your right eyelid, however, your right eyebrow is also lower, which is confounding the diagnosis.  As others have said, eyelid malposition can be caused by a number of factors including brow position, excess skin, or congenital malposition of the eyelid.  It is really difficult to tell without a face to face evaluation.

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Ptosis or pseudoptosis?

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Thank you for this interesting post.  I know this will sound disappointing, but I find your photos to be inconclusive, and nothing replaces a face to face consultation.  In the 1st photo, you do appear to have a ptosis of the left upper lid, while I am less convinced of this in the other photos.  It is possible that the ptosis or no ptosis difference in the photos may be a result of changes in the position at the time the photo was taken.  Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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Brow Ptosis

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  On your first picture you appear to have more ptosis of the left brow, which may be causing the skin folds.  However, this should be examined with and without animation and while blocked by a surgeon.  Sometimes, people just have more skin on one side.  Either a brow lift or pexy or possibly just a left sided upper bleph may be in order, based upon exam.  I would recommend a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

Not Pseudoptosis

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From looking at your photos it does not look like either ptosis or pseudoptosis. Ptosis is when the eyelid begins to drop due to muscle laxity and the eyelid begins to cover the pupil. Pseudoptosis appears the same but truly caused by the weight of excess skin.

Your photos while not great appear to be a natural height difference in your brows. To be certain, you should get an evaluation by a Facial Plastic or Oculoplastic Surgeon.

Deidra Blanks, MD
Wilmington Facial Plastic Surgeon

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