My left eye sits back in the socket, which it makes me feel uncomfortable and low. Could I have enophthalmos? (Photo)

After a face trauma i noticed that my face got quite asymmetrical,and recently i noticed that my left eye sits back in the socket in which it makes me feel very uncomfortable and low. My nose got quite crooked now and so did my face. I would like to know if this will get worse in time and what can i do to improve my facial balance . Also if this got caused by the trauma, or i might have some kind of syndrome? Would like to hear the best possible options please. Thanks in advance !

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Enophthalmos (sunken eye) after facial/eye trauma (orbital fracture)

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You do appear to have left enophthalmos (sunken eye) which sounds like it is related to the facial/eye trauma (orbital fracture) although it could be due to other reasons. It is best to see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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