Left Eye Lid Droop. No Other Symptoms? (photo)

I have worn soft contacts for 33 years. Five weeks ago my left eye lid was partially covering my pupil. NO eye involvement. Blood test for Myasthnia Gravis came back normal. Brain MRI was normal as was the test for Horners. The eye doctor thinks the Ptosis is from contact wear. Eye surgeon does not want to do surgery till i try Mestinon. I started 30mg 2x's per day last Thursday. There has been no change. The eye lid now covers my pupil completly. Could this be just from contact lens wear?

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Mestinon Challenge is Negative with Gradual Ptosis

   Given the gradual change you suggested in your more recent post and the negative Mestinon challenge, are you going to undergo ptosis repair?

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You willl need bilateral ptosis repair

Your earlier picture would have been helpful . The presentation of ptosis due to the detachment of the levator ligaments to the tarsal plate is gradual and it is unusual to see sudden loss of the muscle function without history of trauma.  Your doctor has done full evaluation and surgical repair is the next step.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Contact lens wear is unlikely to cause this picture.

Your doctors sound very through.  I would recommend that you continue to work with them.  You might also consider seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist if you have not already done so.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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