How Can I Fix Different Sized Eyes Due to Facial Asymmetry?

My left eye looks biger than the right one.I am from India (Chennai). I am feeling this from my 16th age onwards. now I am 23. I consulted an ocuoplasty surgeon, he said that it was due to facial asymmetry and nothing can be done.I am really dying because of this. Earlier the eyes was symmetric but now it really looks scary. the photograph attached was taken when my left eye was half close as i want my eyes look normal in photo,can anyone please help me to make my eyes symmetry in chennai itself

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Facial and lid asymmetry

You have upper lid ptosis and facial bony (orbit) asymmetry with one eye more prominent (proptotic) than the other.  Surgery can be done to improve both problems.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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How Can I Fix Different Sized Eyes Due to Facial Asymmetry?

You have ptosis which usually can be corrected.  I am not sure why the other doctor told you nothing could be done.  I suggest you get another opinion from an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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Yes you have facial asymmetry.

However, you also have ptosis.  I suspect that ptosis surgery would make a significant difference for you.  Consider seeing another oculoplastic surgeon.  Not everyone holds the same opinion.  The surgery will not fix your facial asymmetry but it will brighten your appearance considerably.


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