Left Eye After Upper Eyelid Surgery is Defection? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post op from upper eyelid surgery and a brow lift. Brow lift is great. Left eye from eyelid surgery stitched look pulled toward nose causing skin to pull down over scar giving it webbed look. Will this get better or should I see my doctor. I have a appointment in early August.

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Left upper eyelid issue after surgery

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At 5 weeks after your upper eyelid and brow lift surgery, there would still be some expected swelling that is resolving.  The swelling will subside more over time and this will cause the appearance of your eyes to improve.  Be sure to keep your August appointment with your surgeon so that your progress can be monitored.  

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Left Eye After Upper Eyelid Surgery is Defective?

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      If you have any concerns see your surgeon.   There can be swelling that can obfuscate intelligent discussion without an exam.



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Early changes after upper eyelid surgery

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You are still very early after your surgery and things may change.  A pre operative photo would be helpful to determine the degree of upper eyelid fullness you had prior to surgery.  At this point the skin is not redraping right but you are still early and things will change. 

Upper eyelid skin

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It is not unusual for swelling in the upper eyelid to cause this type of webbing and at 3 months you and your doctor will have a better idea.  Worst case scenario is that just under local anesthesia, you may need a minor revision to have some additional skin removed but that should not be considered until at least three months have passed so your August appointment is very appropriate.

Upper Eyelid Scar After Blepharoplasty

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It's very common for upper eyelid incisions to swell, especially if a browlift is done at the same time, causing what appears to be "overhanging" skin and can even cause a webbed  look that you describe. Five weeks is entirely too early to worry about the upper eyelid incisions. Keep your appointment in August while letting things heal and flatten a bit more before becoming alarmed.

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