Left Breast Sore After Implants Inserted 3 Years Ago, What's Wrong?

Implants originally done 3 years ago under muscle, left breast was repaired within first 12 months as implant bottomed out. Breast has become very sore and feels disconnected from muscle. Has a clicking/swoshing noise/ underneath if pressed and hurts (had same sensation first few weeks after revision) and causes shooting pain through muscle, some shoulder pain. Can still lay on breast with no pain. Breast still soft and in place so wondering if i have torn the muscle?

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Left Breast Sore After Implants Inserted 3 Years Ago, What's Wrong?

Online consultants will not be of much help to, despite your good description of concerns. In-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will be necessary for you to receive accurate diagnosis and advice.

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Breast Pain

Hello there

Your description is not really characteristic of any condition that I recognize . Perhaps you have injured the scar capsule that surrounds the implant .

So therefore it may be wisest to arrange an MRI and to have yourself reviewed by your plastic surgeon .

Your GP should be able to arrange the MRI for you .

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Breast pain 3 years after implants

I'm sorry to hear you have breast pain after implants done years ago. There are conditions such as capsular contracture around an implant that may cause breast pain many years after surgery. However, there are also many other conditions that may cause pain in the breast/chest region.

I would first seek advice from your plastic surgeon with a consultation. Imaging such as MRI can help elucidate the different causes of breast pain. Your plastic surgeon will be able to discern what are the necessary investigations you need.


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