Left breast more swollen and bruised after reduction and lift. Is this normal?

I am 3 days post op, which I know is very soon to know anything for sure, but have noticed that my left breast is significantly larger and more swollen than the right one. It is also much more bruised and underneath where the skin is pulled together there are large areas that look like previous stretch marks pooled with blood. Also, I'm experiencing pain only on this side, with practically none on the right. I did not have any drainage tubes after surgery. Is this normal?

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Breast pain after reduction on one side

You should be seen and examined.  Swelling on one side and not the other that is not relieved with pain medicine needs to be addressed with your surgeon immediately.

Left breast more swollen and bruised after reduction and lift. Is this normal?

Any significant breast asymmetry ( size, bruising, swelling,pain…) should be reported to your plastic surgeon as this could be a sign of a complication, which may require urgent treatment.  Best to let him/her know of your concerns ASAP. Best wishes.

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Concerned about hematoma

If you have a breast that is much more swollen and bruised and the opposite breast then I would be concerned. You need to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to rule out a hematoma. If I hematomas left untreated it can lead to infection and healing problems within that breast.

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