Left Breast is Very Hard What Should I Do to Releave the Pain?

I had breast reduction surgery about 3 weeks ago and my left breast on the left side is really hard, like uncomfortable hard, my doctor stated that this is normal and to massage the area in which case I did just that to hear and feel a pop now it hurts to even walk from the bounce. I feel like I am bugging my doctor so I thought I would get some advice somewhere else. I do not have a picture to show all I know is it is very, very hard and now since the pop it hurts to touch. Any advice????

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Hard breast after reduction

I bet your doctor would want to know and evaluate your issues. Contact him/her to get advice specific to your issues rather than generalities on anonymous posts.

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Left breast is hard after breast reduction

Don't worry about "bugging" your surgeon.  Definitely call and make an appointment to see him to rule out hematoma (a collection of blood) or any other complication.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
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Left Breast is Very Hard What Should I Do to Releave the Pain?

Don't be concerned about bugging your surgeon. This is worthy of his/her attention, and is not normal healing. There may be a blood collection (hematoma) which would need to be addressed. 

Call and arrange to be seen. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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FIrm, hard breast after reduction

If you have a lot of pain and the breast is hard, it is concerning and you should see your doctor to be properly evaluated.

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Firm, Hard Painful Breast Following Reduction

Thank you for you question.  At three weeks after a breast reduction the breasts are usually soft.  Hematoma (a collection of blood), possibly (rarely) an infection, and fat necrosis are possible concerns.  It would be wise to call your surgeon and make an appointment.  His examination will likely make the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Firm, hard, painful breast after a breast reduction

If you are having pain and asymmetry after your breast reduction you are right to be concerned.  You may have an undiagnosed hematoma or collection of blood on the left side.  If this is the case you may need to consider surgically draining the hematoma.  Other possibilities include fat necrosis but this would typically show up at a much later time. 

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Pain and swelling post bbr

You must not feel that you're 'bugging' your surgeon, and you must an appointment to see him asap to exclude other problems.

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
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Hard , painful and popping breasts

By three weeks post op you should be feeling less swollen and more comfortable each day . It would be important to know if  the breast looks bigger , if its hotter  or if there is any change in skin color compared to the other side . If you notice any of this changes its time to bug your doctor , and do not feel bad about it . 

Swelling and soreness respond very good to warm compresses , you could try that .

Don't sleep on that side .

take an anti-inflammatory pill  ( ibuprofen , naproxen ).

Popping sounds could imply an inner  stitch detachment , but not necessarily something  mayor in breast reduction . Usually does not require any treatment .

If none of this help , get an appointment with your doctor , he will be happy to find out if something is wrong or just making sure everything is under control . 

Best wishes 


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Left Breast is Very Hard What Should I Do to Releave the Pain?

The pain and hard consistency of your breasts unilaterally after 3 weeks of surgery indicates that something is not right, but without  photographs or a physical examination is difficult to give you an accurate answer, I recommend you make an appointment with your surgeon and follow their orientations

Jose Luis Acosta Collado, MD
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Left Breast is Very Hard What Should I Do to Releive the Pain?

At 3 weeks a unilateral pain and hardness should be checked immediately.  You could have a hematoma in need of drainage. In this forum a photograph would be helpful even if it is from a smart phone. It would be best to have it examined again before you get a hematoma leading to a capsular contracture.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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