Currently 3 months post op after full tummy tuck and need a revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my Tummy tuck 3 months ago and shortly afterwards I could see my results were asymmetrical, I also have more fat on my right side to, this makes my mons area and belly button look very uneven. My surgeon is happy to correct this for me but I have to wait until I am 12/13 months post op, her reason is that I would not get a good result if she revised my tummy before this time. I have asked to see if she will consider we wait 9 months. What should I expect from a revision and should I wait.?

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When to do a tummy tuck revision

Thank you for posting.

Your surgeon wants to see how much is swelling and how much is fat, and if she does the revision too early, you can end of with asymmetry again, when the swelling settles.
It is sensible.
3 months post-op is early for swelling.

When you get to do the revision, make sure you and your surgeon draw the scar and then see if it changes when you lie down and stand up. The changes from standing to lying has to be taken into account to get the scar right.

You'll be getting a revision, which is excellent and it'll be worth having it done in a timely fashion.
You'll see you'll have an even tighter stomach than with the first tummy tuck and your scar will be evened out.

Best of luck - remember the lying down and standing up when marking the revision!!

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Post Operative Clarifications


Thanks for your question and pictures!
The reason your surgeon suggested waiting 12/13 months post op is because swelling may persist for many months after surgery, and your body will not be fully healed until a year after the procedure. With this and the fact that you are only 3 months out of surgery in mind, there is a chance the asymmetry you are currently seeing is due to uneven swelling that will eventually subside. 
It is very important to follow post-op instructions and recommendations given to you by a board-certified, trusted surgeon in order to get the best results possible!

Best of luck

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