What is this crease? 3 weeks after Vaser Lipo. (photos)

Hello.and thank you in advance for any advice.. I'm 3 weeks tomorrow from having vaser lipo and I'm a bit worried about this crease in my upper abs that has developed in the last 4 days. I'm very lumpy.. but knew to expect that. I massage a few times a day and have had a therapist for 4 sessions. I'm wearing my compression garment and have started to put some padding in the creased area incase it's the suit that's causing it. I know it's very early days.. but just need some reassurance thank you..x

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Skin crease after VASER Lipo

It's possible the recent development of a skin crease is due to your compression garment. You may need some additional padding or re-evaluation of your garment placement. Follow up with your surgeon, continue your massage and give yourself time to heal.

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Skin folding under lipo garment improves

Hi Keff123.  Sounds like you are doing everything correctly.  Creases like this can occur if the skin is repeatedly bunched together under the garment.  The padding is a good idea-check your skin under the padding throughout the day to make sure it remains in place, and keep up the massage.  With time, the crease should improve.

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Crease - 3 weeks post Vaser Lipo

Hello Keff123,

Your recent development of a vertical crease may be due to your garment. As your swelling has gone down you may need a different size garment. You should follow-up with your surgeon to make sure it isn't anything else. Continue with your massage as instructed.

Best of luck,

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