Does putting pressure on my nose with my fingers flatten out my dorsal hump?

Please help, I have a dorsal hump on my nose and I'm below 20 years of age and I want it gone, however I don't want to get plastic surgery. And does anyone know if Nose Magic works? Thank you very much.

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Nonsurgical Nose Jobs With Volumizing Fillers Can Mask Nasal Bumps

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Nasal humps and bumps relate to bony abnormalities below the surface. As such, pressing on the area would not give you the result you desire. However, happily, for the past fifteen years we have been successfully treating nasal humps and bumps using volumizing fillers to mask and straighten the area. The results of the treatment are immediate and typically evoke a "Wow!" response, and in experienced hands, it typically takes less than five minutes to perform. You would do well to seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in performing nonsurgical nose jobs. Best of luck to you.

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